Driver CPC Training Courses Galway

What are the Mandatory Courses Professional Drivers are required to have when seeking employment?

IMPORTANT – For Professional BUS/TRUCK Drivers = Driver CPC Training. There are 6 modules in Driver CPC periodic training: Module Description Module 1 Control of the vehicle and eco-driving techniques: This Module deals with characteristics of the transmission system, effective use of safety controls on busses and trucks and optimization of fuel consumption. Module 2 Minimising risks and managing emergencies in the transport industry: Module 2 covers the risks on the road for drivers of trucks and busses and the ability to assess emergency situations. Module 3 Health and safety for the professional driver: Module 3 deals with the awareness of the importance of physical and mental ability and the prevention of physical risks. Module 4 Role of the professional driver in the transport industry: This Module addresses the social environment of road transport and the rules governing it. Module 5 The professional truck driver: Module 5 covers the areas of loading, preventing criminality, enhancing the image of the industry, carriage regulations and knowing the economic environment of road haulage. Module 6 The professional bus driver: In Module 6 deals with the topics of forces affecting vehicles in motion, vehicle overhang, gearbox ratios, defensive driving, dealing with vulnerable road users and vehicle stability.